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Weekend Islamic School of Huntington

Allah almighty has entrusted parents with their children. Parents bear the responsibility to bring up their children according to the teaching of Islam. If parent succeed they will be blessed in this life and the hereafter, and if they don’t they will see negative results in this life and the hereafter.


The Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) is reported to have said: “all of you are guardians and all of you are responsible for things under your guardianship: the ruler is a guardian (managing his state’s affairs) and he is responsible for his subjects, the man is a guardian over his family and is responsible for them, the woman is a guardian of her husband’s house and she is responsible for it. All of you are guardians and responsible for things under your control.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Our overall objective for the Muslim children of our community is for them to grow and develop to:


1. Be believing and practicing Muslims

2. Believe in Allah in their hearts and recognize that He is their Lord

3. Be aware of their duty to Allah and be motivated and proud to do Ibadah (Prescribed Acts of Worship)

4. Have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam

5. Know why Islam is a better way of life

6. Develop a Muslim character, better manners and a respectful demeanor

7. Be able to relate Islamic beliefs and teachings to non-Muslims in a coherent and persuasive way



Registration date : August 21, 2016 from 12pm-2pm
First day of school: August 28, 2016.
School time: 11:45-3:15
Acceptance age: must turn five before September 1.

Registration fee is $100 per child.

If you have any questions please contacts us at






Please fill in below form for registration:

Class Schedule

Class schedule
Students Contributions

Student Contributions

The class of Islamic studies


Our students in this class choose topics that have special value to them and write a brief essay from what they have researched.


On the topic "Seerah" (the bibliography of Muhammad PBUH) the students chose the title “Pearls from Seerah” for their contributions.


Shaheed El-Hamdani wrote on the topic of the marriage of our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH:


“Abu Talib, the uncle of Muhammad (PBUH) heard that the wealthy noble lady Khadijah needed someone to take her merchandise to As-Sham (Syria). Abu Talib felt that his nephew would be the perfect man for the job and therefore asked Khadijah if Muhammad PBUH could do it. Khadijah had heard of Muhammad’s PBUH good qualities and decided to have him lead the caravan and she sent with him her servant Maysarah.

In As-Sham, Muhammad PBUH made good business deals through honesty and fairness. This shocked Maysarah because he had been on many trips before but never seen someone who deals with his customers so honestly. After they arrived back to Makah, Maysarah told Khadijah about the great manners of Muhammad PBUH and she admired him even more and she realized that he is the man who would be the perfect husband. Shortly after that, Khadijah asked a friend of hers to ask Muhammad if he would be willing to marry her (Khadijah). Muhammad PBUH accepted the offer and the perfect man and the prophet soon to be married the best of Quraish’s women.”


Edited/Reviewed by Ahmad Nusair on Shawwal 27th, 1429 H


Waleed Salameh wrote about Ammar Ibn Yaser the following:

Ammar and his parents were amongst the poor and weak minority in Mecca. After Ammar and his family embraced Islam the disbeliever of Mecca persecuted them.

One day Ammar couldn’t tolerate the torture and he said something against the Prophet PBUH and praised the idols of Quraish. The Prophet PBUH forgave him for that and he told him that if they tortured him again he could speak against Islam if that would save him the punishment, and that Allah would forgive him as long as his faith in his heart didn’t change.

The Holey Quran spoke about this incident in Chapter 16, verse 106: “Anyone who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters words of unbelief -except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in faith- but such as open their breast to unbelief- on them is wrath from Allah, and there will be a dreadful penalty.”

Ammar’s mother Sumayah was the first martyr in Islam. Under the persecution of her master Sumayah held onto her Faith until she was killed.

Muhammad PBUH witnessed their persecution and encouraged them to patiently persevere and he promised them Paradise as a reward from Allah for their outstanding patience.

Ammar and his family set the example of patience and sacrifice for generation to come.

We ask Allah to make us in the company of Muhammad PBUH and his great companions…

Edited/Reviewed by Ahmad Nusair on Thul-Qeadah 16th, 1429 H



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